Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mt Wellington, Hobart

We drove up to Mt Wellington to get a panoramic view of Hobart and its surroundings. The weather was fine and there was no fog on the way up. The road was good and in half an hour's time we were at the peak at about 1270 metres (about 4000 ft). In Hobart, the weather was cool and with the sun shining we enjoyed a temperature of about 19 degrees celcius. At the peak of Mt Wellington, it was another story whenever the clouds covered the sun and the chilly wind cut into our flesh. Bring winter clothing with you up there because summer is no guarantee that you will not freeze.

Even the plant life at such a high altitude knew better than to have large surface areas and flowers were small and compact.

As we drove down the mountain, the vegetation became more generously endowed.

We stopped for coffee and snacks at midway and a different set of flowers greeted us.

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