Friday, July 31, 2009

Huon River

From the mountain to the valley and that was where we drove to in the afternoon - the forest reserves to the west of Hobart. When we reached the Huon River it was already late and we could not explore the reserve beyond this bridge.

Still it was relaxing to be surrounded by nature's trees and river. There were flowering shrubs at one end of the bridge that provided me with a lot of fun till it was time to leave.

There were so many of these clusters of flowers in bud. I thought how nice if I could bring them home, grow them in my garden and once in a while use them to complement brighter looking flowers in a vase. Then on second thoughts, why not just let them be in the wild and enjoy them in the open while I could. As for its name, I have not been successful despite looking through a few books. At first I thought they could be wild carrot flowers. On closer examination of the leaves, it is not likely that they are.

The Maori name for this plant is Manuka and it is a Leptospermum specie that is native to New Zealand and South eastern Australia and is said to contain healing properties. Doesn't the name ring a bell? Manuka Honey is something that visitors to Australia bring home for their friends and relatives.

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